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Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections Releases Demographic Profiles

Posted in Uncategorized by Robert Smith on September 2, 2009

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections released several separate documents that chart the demographic profiles of the Louisiana corrections population. These reports are issued quarterly. Before giving the numbers, here is a little context: Louisiana leads the nation in terms of the % of its citizens that it incarcerates. A recent study by the PEW Center for the States found that one out of every fifty-five Louisiana citizens is incarcerated. Here is a March, 2009 Times Picayune article that examines the trend.

Considering that it costs “$68.42 a day to house an inmate at Angola , but “[t]he average cost [nationally] of managing an offender in the community ranged from $3.42 per day for probationers to $7.47 per day for parolees” …. I wonder if we could maximize public safety by releasing some of these inmates (especially those in for non-violent, small quantity drug offenses) and reinvesting the dollars in community policing, gang-violence prevention, and other empirically-driven preventative programs in places like New Orleans where violent crime continues to plague the city.

Here are the highlights:

Death Row Population (as of June 30, 2009)

  • 83 death row inmates
  • 81 males
  • 2 females
  • 64.2% black
  • 34.6% white
  • 1.2% other

* Michael Anderson, who is a black male, was recently sentenced to death in Orleans Parish. His sentence is not reflected in these figures.

Life Sentence Population Totals:

  • 4, 280 inmates serving natural life in prison sentences (11% of total adult population)
  • 97.1% male
  • 2.9% female
  • 73.3% black
  • 26.5% white
  • .5% other

Adult Population Totals:

  • 38,854 total inmates
  • 20, 434 inmates in Louisiana prisons
  • 18, 420 inmates in Louisiana jails
  • 93.4% male
  • 6.6% female
  • 70% black
  • 29.7% white
  • .3% other

Youthful Offender Population Totals (15-19 sentenced in criminal court, housed in prisons):

  • 539 youthful inmates
  • 18.6 years (average age)(0= fourteen, 0 = fifteen, 19 = sixteen, 23 = seventeen, 151 = eighteen, 356 = nineteen)
  • 97.8% male
  • 2.2% female
  • 82% black
  • 17.6% white
  • .4% other

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